Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Now of the site up and running

These are bags of food for the end Summer hunger campaign. Families with children in the free lunch program at their schools get these bags to supplement their food for the summer.

This is the current loading dock for all the trucks to unload food. Hopelink would soon like to build a ramp for smaller cars and trucks to be able to unload food they wish to donate.

This food from one of the now-closed facilities is still waiting to be sorted and be available for clients. Volunteers are still in the process of doing this.

This is the food preparation station in the back of the facility which is used to clean all the fresh produce before it is available to clients.

The library. Hopelink clients will be able to check out books and further their education.

Another view of the library

The Librarian area. Hopelink has recruited volunteers to run the library section and make sure that people get the education they deserve.

The ESL training station. This is where some of the ESL training will take place.

this is the training/meeting room at the site. It has the potential to make training for Hopelink volunteers even more efficient.

A few emergency food bags for those who need them ready to go out.

This is the new and improved waiting area of the front reception.

The menu for a three member family, the numbers in each section are the number of points they get for shopping that day.

Hopelink cares for clients' pets. The Kirkland/Northshore site provides pet food for clients as well.

Along with food, the site offers toiletries to help clients keep up their hygiene and prepare for job interviews.

more toiletries along with paper towels, toilet paper and napkins. Note: the item categories are in English, Russian and Spanish so that those who do not speak English can better navigate the site.

Some fresh fruit and vegetables for the clients to choose from.

Part of the food warehouse. The shelves are still being stocked and sorted by volunteers and staff, there is a lot to be sorted

Some volunteers helping to sort food before it goes out in the grocery store.

A volunteer explaining the shopping process and how much work went into the new site.

This is part of the produce section of the site. Customers get a certain number of points for fruit and vegetables and there are bags at the bottom of the display with numbers representing points, and however much they can fit in the bag is how much they get for that amount of points.

Another picture of the produce section in the middle of the store.

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  1. Wow what an amazing site! Great job everyone, it looks great!!

    P.S: I see you in the picture mom :)